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Acting pro-actively for Christian values and culture, united with princes in dialogue with religion, politics and society. The aim is to provide a platform for all interested parties, members of old families, companies and institutions, for visible social and societal engagement.
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We make contacts and check requests. Within the framework of cooperation projects we work together. We are happy to assist you as coordinator or provide advice and assistance in questions of protocol and press or general organisation.

Princely families | Cultural representatives create identity and embody the fundamental values of our culture and society.

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Since 2013 it has been the goal of the PRINCELY HOUSES | BEARERS OF CULTURE to bring families, companies and institutions together for a public value consensus. To this end, we encourage dialogues with politics, religion and society to reflect on Christian values. In our awareness of values, we want to foster future-oriented, sustainable action.
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Generationally, we set impulses for a return to social norms, tradition, humility and trust in God. In order to stabilize the social balance. We strengths the cohesion towards responsible freedom and security.

In Europe, there are a number of institutions and families that have been cultivating, preserving and promoting a historically grown culture for centuries. Within the framework of the open dialogue we activate the potentials of all involved creatively and constructively. The examples of responsible action shown should be an inspiration and an incentive for further projects.

In the long term, we want to establish a sustainable network in order to meet the challenges of the 21st century.

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What is the function of princely families | cultural representatives today? Each one of them acts in public as an effective multiplier, as a patron with or without sponsors, as a representative on a regional, supraregional and international level as bearer of culture.

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They are an institution that has developed over generations and that acts confidently with social responsibility. The members of old families have a supraregional presence and act worldwide. They cultivate a European network in economy, culture and society. Over generations, you convey sustainable values and stability.

They are able to do the balancing act between tradition and modernity. Educated in the traditional, historical consciousness and diplomatically trained, they have been contributing to the finding of a consensus among the most diverse social groups for many generations.

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In everyday life many things move us, in which we contribute and help with heart and mind. Together with princes and leading figures from the economy, politics and society, we engage in publicity in order to create lasting value.

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Our society seeks personalities who make it right again, honorable role models who raise their voice, charitable and present act out of charity. Cutting-edge topics are now calling for sustainable solutions based on social responsibility and for the love of people.

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In the context of the bicentennial memorial for the Battle of Leipzig, the descendants of the monarchs who ruled the warring powers came together from the 17th till the 19th October 2013. In this film we hear from many of them: Grand Duke George of Russia, a descendant of Tsar Alexander I, Archduke Georg of Austria, a descendant of Emperor Francis I of Austria, and Prince Heinrich of Hanover, a descendant of King George III of the United Kingdom. Prince Alexander of Saxony and Prince Michael of Saxe-Weimar-Eisenach, as descendants of King Frederick Augustus I of Saxony, an ally of Napoleon. The Duke of Leuchtenberg, descendant of Eugene de Beauharnais, Viceroy of Italy and stepson of Emperor Napoleon of the French. Also attending the memorial event of the Cultural and Environmental Foundation of Sparkasse Leipzig were descendants of the generals like Prince Blücher and Count Bennigsen.