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Short portrait: pro-actively, committed to Christian values & culture

We work to sustain Christian-Western values & culture united with the princes as a link between religion, politics, society

Especially in the course of the migration discussion today raises the question of the preservation of our Christian-Western culture with its values + and traditions, explicitly in politics, society and especially in the church and social sphere. What has made Europe so strong and what is special about this continent: the interplay of Christian character, a well-developed rule of law, virtues such as aspiration, diligence, social responsibility, a long tradition of craftsmanship, the popularity or a consistent tradition of care? Many of the young people do not really know what to do with the term Christian Occident today. The widespread belief in Europe's cultural superiority a century ago has given way to a general pessimism. This is reflected in the materialistic consumer behavior, in the growing egoism, decay of social norms, social dissatisfaction, increased formation of extreme movements, dimensional and untenability in the personal.

From history, we have learned that you have to raise your voice early if something gets out of balance. In times of globalization and the worldwide relativistic tendencies, it is particularly important to promote the preservation of regional diversity in terms of cultural achievements in a united Europe.

During the commemoration ceremony for the 200th anniversary of the Battle of Nations at Leipzig, the authors served as coordinators on a voluntary basis for the princely houses and as the chief of protocol for the event put on by the Cultural and Environmental Foundation Leipziger Land of the Sparkasse Leipzig. They represent traditional Christian Western European values as a link between religion, politics and society. The cultural support provided by the historically grown old families should be cultivated, preserved and promoted.

We send our best wishes

Maximilian Solms and Nikolaus Faulstroh


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In the context of the bicentennial memorial for the Battle of Leipzig, the descendants of the monarchs who ruled the warring powers came together from the 17th till the 19th October 2013. In this film we hear from many of them: Grand Duke George of Russia, a descendant of Tsar Alexander I, Archduke Georg of Austria, a descendant of Emperor Francis I of Austria, and Prince Heinrich of Hanover, a descendant of King George III of the United Kingdom. Prince Alexander of Saxony and Prince Michael of Saxe-Weimar-Eisenach, as descendants of King Frederick Augustus I of Saxony, an ally of Napoleon. The Duke of Leuchtenberg, descendant of Eugene de Beauharnais, Viceroy of Italy and stepson of Emperor Napoleon of the French. Also attending the memorial event of the Cultural and Environmental Foundation of Sparkasse Leipzig were descendants of the generals like Prince Blücher and Count Bennigsen.